Creativity is inborn and often honed up with the constant inculcation of skills with time and passion. JNFF always strives to work with people who challenge us with their creativity and enable themselves to move ahead irrespective of any barriers and arrive at the best possible creative solution. JNFF is a National Film Festival showcasing Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, and Albums open to International windows (feature films & short films). JNFF also happens to be India's first film festival in Jharkhand at National Level.

JNFF is designated by JHARKHAND NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and organized by ASMA Charitable Trust and Mitra Production. The JHARKHAND NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL started in 2018 aiming to promote social awareness and create a platform for people for a passion for cinema to unite under one umbrella. JNFF aims to reach a world-wide of global filmmakers and audience with the target to encourage people from a small town to come forward and showcase their talent.


Founder of "ASMA INDIA"

Sanjay is a creative director, singer, painter and actor. Though Sanjay has a MBA degree under his belt, he chooses to follow his passion in the field of cinema. 
Santosh is the Founder of "MITRA PRODUCTIONS" and is also a Director, Creative Director, Actor, Producer, Executive Producer, Production Head and Line Producer.


Uday is the Co-founder of "ASMA INDIA", and a Singer and music composer. Irrespective of having an MBA degree, Uday loves to be in the field of music rather than being in the corporate world. 

I am Sukhdev Mahto Joining the Jharkhand National Film FestivalI am very happy. It is a matter of happiness that I am the patron of this festival. Due to the presence of this festival, the people of the film industry in Jharkhand will get a lot of benefits and avenues of employment will open. The founders of this festival Rraju and Sanjay are doing a great job for Jharkhand. Thank you.

Actor/Producer & JNFF Patron