Teachnical Members

Jharkhand has many talents, and art inside it, which should be taken out and it can be done from this Festival. "Jharkhand National Film Festival". Government of Jharkhand has taken out new policies of movies, which is quite impressive and the effort that has been shown is tremendous. I think in the coming year it will grow and can become a Film city also. Rraju Mitra and Sanjay Sathpathy have done a wonderful job, due to which talented People of Jharkhand will get their platform easily. I would even request people and the government of Jharkhand to support them as they are working for the betterment of the state. We can see now a days, everyone is looking forward to become an artist for which they have to struggle a lot by immigrating in other states. If we support Rraju Mitra and Sanjay Sathpathy, everyone will get a platform in their own state and no one has to immigrate themselves to Mumbai.RAJESH JAIS
Bollywood Actor / Ex Member of film council govt. Jharkhand